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Provincial Star-Hotel Assessment Committee smoothly completed the 5-star standard check and review to our hotel
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On July 25th, 2011, the rater ofProvincial Star-Hotel Assessment Committee Pan Wei, and Provincial Class raterFeng Wenchang, accompanied by Shaoxing Tourism Committee leaders Hou Shiyou, HeBaokang and Ma Jiongming, checked and reviewed the 5-star standard of ourhotel, listened to our report on software, hardware and quality improvement,and carefully checked the office sites, background operation area, anddormitory’s living area.

In the feedback meeting, the checking teampresented confirmation to the software, hardware and quality improvement of ourhotel, pointed out the existed problems and suggestions on future development,emphasized that 5-star review was an assignment and also the course oflearning, and required the efforts of all of us to improve various aspects.General Manager Wang expressed gratefulness to the work of two raters, andpromised to reinforce the strong points and correct the weak points accordingto the opinions of two experts, and strive to improve the software, hardwareand management of our hotel.

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